While NASSCOM had predicted the India Gaming Industry to reach $350 Million by 2010. Localized content and interactive gaming is replacing the hardcore gaming scenario and no more is it about powerful computers and large disk drives, its all about accessibility and convenience.

Talking about this I have to quote my visit to R City Mall observing the various new brands and visual experience of the branded booths and exhibits.
I saw this gaming device with a elevated seat, a steering wheel and a huge 42”+ LG digital display attached. The curious I am, I went to have a closer look and found that its a dedicated console for racing games and is built to convenience. Except of course, the price. When asked about the cost the exhibitor unassumingly quoted 20 lakhs.

Considering you had to buy a gaming device for a kid in your family, would you spend that amount?

Smart Calculations – gift from Google

While most of us are still figuring effective ways of increasing the visitors time spent on business websites and blogs, Google has found a great way already.

As soon as they figured out that many people are a fan of their easy search bar calculations, they found the most effective way to increase their time on the site and add real value to their experiences.


Integrating a fully functional scientific calculator right into Google Search when you type in number(s) with an operator, is the smartest thing a search engine could attempt to turn users and visitors into fans.

Kudos and three cheers to Google for this smart move.

How many of you like this?

Post TED BIA Tweetup

As we waited for the known TED Fellows to some by at the Bangalore International Airport, we bumped into Pranav Mistry, the Indian MIT geek superhero, responsible for the Sixth Sense device that may hit us soon. Recollected the TED Video of Pattie Maes I saw a few days back showcasing the remarkable device.

Also exchanged Smiles with Kabir Bedi as he was rushing for his flight, with a quick "Hi" shoutout!

Then came @gauravonomics, @sanjuktha, @dina, @labnol, @amitverma, Pat, Parmesh (editor Vogue Magazine), and a few lovely friends. [Will update this list with the appropriate names soon. Will ask Lord @dhempe.]

Same memorable snaps with the Stalwarts, right here.

Published on 15 Dec 2009, 22:15hrs

#BFT at 3Storeys Bangalore

This #BFT (Bangalore Friday Tweetup) we had at 3 Storeys the sea food joint off Lavelle Road, was quite an attendance. With @angeldirect (Tina) not there for it, @dhempe (Hrish) and @brandbull (ShyamS) organized it with close to 15 people attending it. @swarathma was represented by Jishnu, who shared a lot of insights into the band, its history and some funny moments. Comments and questions poured in from every corner with @murlidharbhat (Murlidhar) discussing his stint at Social Media, @dhempe (Hrish) discussing his adventures on Twitter, @faiqg (Faiq) adding some smiles and @therealnaren (Naren), @Pratsie (Prathiba), @twahul (Rahul), @sidh256 (Siddharth), @brandbull (ShyamS), @flyfiddlesticks (Prasanna) and a few others (Forgot their Twitter IDs) adding their bits to make it an interesting forum. We also saw Jishnu wishing to do a Fan-driven @swarathma event. Any ideas fans?
The food was not that great with most of us not liking the excessive coconut in them. Of the non-veggies and fish, there were a few who relished it and few who did not have comments. On the whole the experience was fun-filled, full of interesting conversations, however, lacking in finger-licking food.
Post this a few of us went to have IceCream at Lakeside IceCream Parlor and savored a few different delicacies. :)

Published on 25 Jan 2010, 22:40hrs

Why GoogleDocs?

I have been using MSOffice since I knew computers. And have a love-hate relationship with it for that long too. Hate cos it slowed down my PC. Love cos its so feature-rich. And then the slow bit became so irritating, I moved to Notepad. Loved it and Love it even now, however miss the formatting. So, I started using Outlook Express, as my word editor. After all, I was used to sending out emails with it.
A few days later, I earned an invite to Gmail. And it changed quite a few things. Including getting used to the Auto-Save a-la MS Office. For quite some time now I use ‘TextEdit’/’MSOffice’ on Mac, its a lot better than on a Windows OS, and ‘Notepad’ and ‘Gmail’. Then came GoogleDocs. And, good gracious, now sharing, opening and viewing attachments was GoogleDocs job.
What I missed was the ‘Etherpad’ way of community editing. Great tool for collaboration, I should admit. As they quote “EtherPad is the only web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time.
When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone’s screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.”
I liked it. And soon I read “On April 14th, new pad creation will be disabled.” So as of yesterday, I lost any opportunity to create a New Etherpad. :(

The Internet aint a bad world, after all. What do I see, Voila, our own GoogleDocs integrates the Etherpad style editting. So my respect for GoogleDocs got higher overnight. :)

You sure got to read this to know why GoogleDocs.
And while you are at it, just add a few lines of how you liked this post in the Comments. :)

Published on 15 April 2010

BFT on 8th May 2010 at Momoz & Corner House, Kormangala

Having planned for the Momoz Tweetup this #BFT (Bangalore Friday Tweetup), I kept the invitation short and private. Thanks to @sanjaykkumar and @mithsm for making it without fail.

We started with some bland Thupka, graduated to Triple Shezwan Fried Rice and then Dragon Mushroom. Post that we went to Corner House for an Ice Cream as planned and discussed friends, food, bikes and Bangalore while savoring our Yummy choices.

Was a Wonderful #BFT :)

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