Is “Women Entrepreneur” a Myth?

Is "Women Entrepreneur" a Myth?

Gender bias has always been an issue in conservative societies. However, how does that effect entrepreneurship?

  1. When I met the founder of AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka), all I knew about her was she was an interesting person with 30 years of experience working with entrepreneurship and women. Soon the conversation turned interesting and about each person’s perspective. And she showed me a quote she had given a leading magazine, in an interview, which said, “Just call me an Entrepreneur. Everyone can see I am a Woman.” 

    That has stuck in my heard so firmly, I correct myself everytime I have to use “Women Entrepreneurs” to “Entrepreneurs who are Women”, and in some contexts, “female entrepreneurs”, consciously making it sound less chauvinist. 

    Many people I know, including me, always thought there were very less women in entrepreneurship, until I saw this. :

  2. And then I thought, “Really!?”  

    The chart clearly shows the numbers of women in entrepreneurship has risen and in some countries more than the others. 

    Then I came across this article. :

  3. And it seems from the report in the above article that 11% more women in India are funded by families to start their businesses than USofA. And this seems more likely to disprove the excuse of “family pressure” or “society and culture restraints” as a cause of women not entering entrepreneurship. And Angel Investors also seem to be more active in India than the USofA. So capital does not seem that big an issue. 
    Unless of course the numbers were incorrect or the research sample was tailored to suit the results. 

    After seeing this, : 

  4. Azure- Brand Management, PR, Events
  5. another possibility struck me. So are all those who attempt to have an additional revenue stream being rechristened as entrepreneurs, today? And for this survey? Is that the mindset that has caused women to quit even before they take risks to grow into iconic successes? 
    Would help if I did speak to a few people. Why don’t we start with you, my dear story readers?  Some points of view of people I interacted with, are in the comments, although the responses were less pertinent to the solution I was seeking. 
  6. Although this research gives a brief peak into why less women are likely to become entrepreneurs as opposed to men, the question I still have is, why are the female entrepreneurs not coming in the open to network for business? #here2stay
  7. Names withheld due to non-disclosure agreement. Sources are purely indicative. No part of this story can be reproduced without prior written consent from the author. 

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Avast warns Blogspot and Travelocity are infected websites

Avast warns Blogspot and Travelocity are infected websites

Avast sprang up a warning today that 10 websites from India were infected and and were among them. Are the websites unaware of security threats?

A couple of well-known online malware website checker does not seem to agree:

Avast is resorting to cheap tricks to promote its paid pack and that urges me to not trust them at all.
Can known brands like this resort to cheap tricks? What is your point of view?


Airtel India Best Value Offers is a dead page

Airtel India Best Value Offers is a dead page

Clicking on Best Value Offers and Plans on Airtel Website leads to an Error 404 Page. This page was clicked through from .

Anyone else seeing the same?
Is this a negligence of the brand to actively monitor its web presence or does Airtel take its online consumers for granted?

The morphing of the written script to typed digits before calculation

The Awesomest Calculator App for Apple devices




While browsing for something, hit upon this cool calculator that would make many lives easier. You no longer need to find keys and type to calculate. All that you do is draw the numbers and operators with one finger and the MyScript Calculator will return the result. Even complex calculations such as Square Roots and To The Power Of are also a breeze. The written problem is morphed into digits and result is displayed instantly.

Ain’t that cooler than the boring calculator you see on your table, right? compromises mobile user experience

I am pretty impressed with, although I feel they have focused less on making it friendlier for its user.

Normally on my iPhone, I wouldn’t want to really go to a bigger screen unless its for watching a movie. Even shopping is something most of us with 3G or WiFi connections today would wish to finish on our phones. My perspective here is of websites matching user convenience and user friendliness.

Let’s see how lost 3 of its 5 stars on my ranking today.

When I went to on my iPhone’s native Safari browser, I found it most annoying to see the desktop version of the website open up. Too small to experience anything great, I had to repeatedly use the pinch to zoom. Not done. There goes a star.

Scrolling through the menus is quite a tedious task. Seems like that was never built keeping the mobile screen in mind. This also accounts for their checkout and payment screens being really tiny. There goes another star off their rank.

When I searched with even one letter they gave me some results, however when my search string was a blank space, it too me to an error page like the one below. Not expected and that lost them the third star.


At the same time, Flipkart’s error page for an unknown string was as below. And what made me happy to see is that their mobile is much better and friendlier than their main website and even on their error pages they have the continue shopping button, as expected.


Don’t you think bettering user experience is the key to effective branding?


The Tangy Spicy Nuts


The design is always something woos me into trying something out, however what ups the interest is the experience the products give me. And I don’t like compromising.

These Masala Peanuts come with a Tangy flavour of I would guess chaat masala and a tad more dry mango powder. I would quote it to be beyond competition.

What would you say?

The New WordPress User Interface – novel or copied?



Although WordPress has all the ingredients to be the best blogging platform in the world, what I saw today, in my opinion, will help exponentially grow its fan base a lot more. What it had missed on heavily all these years is the simplicity and WOW that it can give to a blogger/ user right on the first page. However, is it just copying a trend?


Though I think WordPress has dubbed the Tumblr UI pretty much, seeing the home page icons, the realization has come at a time when Tumblr is gaining quite some attention.

Though the clear big fonts, the single color logos and the relief space it has given on the page, all resembles what Windows or Apple have gotten to, the design is certainly commendable. I, for a minute, thought, WordPress has been bought over by Microsoft, judging the interface to be following the Metro Design Philosophy, however just a tad subtly. 



Now just what bloggers look for – everything neatly segregated and right in the face. 
I should admit, I have really started linking this interface, 

Do you feel this interface is copied just to stay in trend?