The Mobile Monday Tweetup on Saturday

Yes. The Concept of a Mobile Monday when brought together with a Tweetup, is a bunch of Geeks and Users coming together on one platform and discussing nuances of how and what Mobile apps can do to their lifestyles. Thanks to Amit Singh (@abeoye) and the Mobile Monday staff, we Tweeps were exposed to a few new apps on the Mobile platform, and they had our opinions to record. 

WeMeet, Nokia’s new Java Platform to send one SMS to many and still be costed at one message, was cool! Then there was Way2Goals demonstrating the use of their app, helping people making informed decisions on what’s the best Fixed Deposit we could invest in. 

The most exciting news of the afternoon was that, Forum Nokia Developers Conference 2009 had sponsored our food and made us happy. 
The food spread at Kyra was good, however what left me wanting for more was their Gulab Jamun and Strawberry Mousse. Lip-Smacking, I say! That alerts me, that the next time on, I should start and end with the deserts. 😛




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