What are the new principles of Marketing?

Touch. Connect. Engage. Involve.
Simple isn’t it. And I am sure most of you could draw sensible inferences from just those words. However, the relevance of these words is not limited to this post. Its to every post that will come on this blog from hence.
Matter of fact, these are going to be the key drivers of every marketing activity ever. Including yet not limiting to every single successful communication, interaction, marketing or brand building activity of every enterprise, excercise, initiative and implementation.
If I cannot grab the attention of my Target Audience, my communication spend, be it time, money or intentions, is an absolute waste.
If I am incapable of starting a conversation, I have probabaly not made an impact worthy of consideration.
Once connected, my key focus needs to be in raising the interests levels of the Audience, in me and/or my product/service.
Building interactivity and letting the Audience know their participation is important to me, is vital to make them take me seriously.
Would you like to see case studies and topics related to these key drivers? Answer in Comments. 🙂

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