All Ladies Night

Were going through Facebook Events and found this one-of-its-kind event "Lavender Nights-The First All Gurl Party in Bangalore" at

Although, the Event is truly a eye-catcher for both the women and the men (for obvious reasons), what we observed was that this event is "Strictly for Women", even though the event page does not restrict men from RSVPing. 
Curious as every soul, although they have specified they are there for Music, we wonder what these slinky lavender outfit girls, showing off their pride are up to. As they say : 
" Lavender blue, Rosemary green,
When I am Queen, you'll be my Dream

Bring your Queer Gurls, 8 P.M. sharp
Some to the drink, some to the dark

Some to make love, some to show off
You and your Dream to keep it all hot

Lavender Nights and Pink Nation Present
A party for women, a shining event

We're here to have fun, we're here to dance out
We're here and we're Queer, no closets about!

So come all you gurls, and bring your friends too
We're here for the music and that's what we'll do! "

Cheers Girls! Have a Great Time! And call the Boys to Chauffeur your less-sober selves, back home 🙂 ! 

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