Tools of Convenience 2

Sharing content today has become so native to us, that if we like a music or photo on someone’s phone we just share it over Bluetooth or Wifi.

With ease comes responsibility. With all those forgetful minds and hard-to-find-time schedules, it would be probably great if we could have everything we need online and accessible. Then came Cloud storage.  And we needed tools to make the syncing easy. And thus emerged Dazzboard.

As they say “To simply drag, drop, play and share any Media from (& between) all your Devices, Services, Cloud Storages & Social Networks, get Dazzboard now.” Witha  filesize of just about 2Mb, seems like a catch.

If you have tested this app and have written a blog, why not share your Blog links along with Comments below.  I would love including the reviews from all you guys right here.

Dazzboard for Android tested by Clark Wimberly at


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