iPad and its Challengers

The Probable Apple iPad 2.0 and Steve Jobs spotted by BrandBull

However much we try, we cannot push away the fact that Apple is one of the most innovative companies that gives trends and not products to the consumer society.

Take the iPad for that matter. Although there were Digital Pads that existed even before it, when the iPad come into the market, the entire Industry woke up to compete. Right from Binatone launching its “Home Surf Touch Tablet” priced at Rs.9000 for India to Blackberry’s “PlayBook”, the name of the game is ‘Beat iPad‘.

Where Apple is almost ready with its new iPad 2.0 , the likes of LG, Samsung and many others are stacking their Pads with features unseen. While LG’s Optimus ditched its waiting eyes by delaying its launch, Samsung has already added a star to its Galaxy and named it Galaxy Tab and Microsoft is all set to launch its MPad with Windows 7 on it.  The actual gusto into the Tablet market is all thanks to new entrants making their foray into this space. Not long ago, first timers DELL and Cisco unveiled their DELL Streak and Cius tablet respectively and Nokia its N800 Internet Tablet. Not to forget the India’s first 3G Android Tablet, Olive Pad, which runs the Android OS.


Olivepad‑VT100‑Indias‑First‑3G‑Tablet pasted by Brandbull
One fact we may notice is, in spite of Samsung having its flagship Bada OS, Nokia testing a MeeGo for Tablets and Motorola planning its own operating platform, and despite Google admitting its latest Android 2.2 “Froyo” is not built for Tablets, the most preferred platform seems to be Android.


While we are bound to get all our questions answered, we have some more rolling in our minds.

Is the Tablet, there to last?
While we are just about coping up with Laptops, the Tablets have arrived, what next?
In this jungle of devices and operating systems, are we as users gaining options or losing time?

If you have the answers already, kindly write in the Comments and I would be privileged to discuss  and learn.

”] Samsung Galaxy Tab spotted by Brandbull


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  1. Over time apple will add “features” like camera etc to iPad (in summary, things that are lacking/good to have).

    And in the same time, other brands will enhance the app quality and the experience.

    So after a few years, we’ll see everyone level in all areas.

    There’ll certainly be better choice in terms of features as well as platform in times to come.


    • With Google assuring its GingerBread is going to be optimized for Tablets as well, I somehow feel its Apple OS, Android and Linux flavors that are here to stay. I see Microsoft and other proprietary OSes losing the game, unless they come with a never-before feature.
      What say?


  2. Everyone’s catching up in some or other way.

    There was once a time when there a major craze of apps on the PC. Now we hardly install any “programs” on PC.

    It’s like history repeating.

    So it’ll reach a saturation point once the Operating Systems/Platforms become mature and stable.


    • So True! I see the infrastructure supporting a scenario where all devices would be just an interface to connect to different networks. And we would be free to choose what we want. Let’s wish that day is not too far. 🙂


  3. There are few others which are on its way to challenge iPad glory. Besides PlayBook from RIM and Galaxy Tab from Samsung, LG, Toshiba, HTC and Acer is ready with the hardware which were suppose to see the launch by November. Due to negative report of Android 2.2 for Tablet, all of them have postponed the launch by January when Android 3.0 is available. Microsoft is also working closely with Intel for its new MPad.

    There are couplpe of indian versions are also available in marlet like Wink and Blackout with a price tag between 8999/ – 11,999/-

    However, I dont see much success or a good value for money form Tablet in India. Pls be aware that none of the tablets are having any Sim card (Telecom) slot available. All Tablets are completely dependent on Wi-Fi. Compare to Europe and US market where allmost whole country is covered with Free Wi-Fi, India still lags much behind. Therefore I see iPad nothing better than an additional hardware in indian hand.



    • That’s Great News, Amit!

      With most of there manufacturers scurrying up for the big piece of the cake, and OS makes optimizing their new versions to suit the form factor and interfaces, we are sure to see a lot more competition and probably soon even a Price War in this market space.

      As highlighted by you, as most of these devices depend greatly on WiFi it surely will put more pressure on the India Infrastructural developers to be prepared for it. On the other hand, as we already have the Wireless High-Speed Internet Plug-In devices like Reliance Brodband+ , Tata Photon+, etc., most of the early adopters will have something to start with.

      Like the Olive Pad, most might soon have to roll out their version 2.0 with 3G, thanks to its availability now. And with promises of faster connections and even faster devices to come, we might want to be optimistic about the entire industry adopting the new state-of-the-art convenience computer. 🙂


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