Capitalizing on Typos

While most businesses are striving away and spending sums of money on getting people to come to their website once, there are an intelligent few who capitalize on our typing errors.

It all started when I missed the second “s” in I suddenly find myself seeing a Sexual Dating website and it was absolutely unintentional. Yes, “” leads you to “” an adult dating website. leads to Sexual Match making website leads to Sexual Match making website [ Website Screenshort: ]

While Yahoo was smart to redirect “” to and Google has covered its base registering “” and “”, Gamil Design, Inc. encashed on the traffic thanks to typos by people wanting to reach (created 1995), by registering “” way back in 1998.


”]Gamil cashes on the traffic coming from GMail typos spotted by BrandBull

I checked if “” also lead to the Google Search home page, and smiled on seeing a charitable interest is providing information about how to achieve wellness through good nutrition, i.e. healthy eating. Seems like another of the HerbalLifes, Kellogs and Horlicks of the world, marketing their Food Supplements in the guise of healthier food. Cant help not believing these efforts as stealth promotions, thanks to overuse of such tactics by even the big brands.

”] is used for promoting the "charitable" cause of heath and nutrition - spotted by brandbull

Have you noticed other such websites banking on getting traffic from typing errors? Do let me on in the Comments.




  1. Hey!

    Yes, I was very happy to know that you had the same trouble and it wasn’t an attack! LOL. Thanks for having posted the solution by the way!

    I’ll follow you on twitter, (@jerrymcwire) so I can read you. Unfortunately most of my updates are in spanish so I hope you don’t get bored with my news.



    • It was a blog-worthy story. I used the Google Translate plugin on my Google Chrome browser and was able to read a couple of your posts. However, I sometimes do not follow what it says thanks to the incorrect grammar translation of Google. I am happy you know English too and will clarify if something sounds strange. That might help me learn a bit of Spanish too 🙂

      Do let me know what you blog about. I will include your Blog in my Blogroll, so that my readers will have a new blog to explore.
      Meet you on Twitter @jerrymcwire ! Cheers! 🙂


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