Reblog: The Elements of Branding

While most of us find innovative ways of positioning Branding, its essential to learn the widely used terminologies in the domain, so that positioning your pitch for both your team’s and client’s understanding is clear and well-segmented.

He is a wonderful table of branding elements developed by Kolbrener, a branding firm in New York. A handy tool to quickly segment your Brand Plan into the relevant sections for easy comprehension.

Do let me know of any other you find in the Comments.

The Elements of Branding. As a great exercise to illustrate the that branding is more than a logo, Kolbrener, a branding firm in New York develop this branding elements chart. It is base on the periodic table of elements. Each element as a brief explanation on how they are part of the Branding process. It is a very illustrative way to understand Branding and its many components. Visit Table Here … Read More

via Grafiko


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