Reblog: Relevance of Online Branding to Offline Branding (via Brandular)

The expectations from Online Branding by companies big or small is higher than that of Offline Branding. And the reason seems the flaw in positioning Offline Branding itself. While the end result of any expensive exercise is either to reach the brand out to more number of people or convert more people from “Interested” to “Buying”, the misconception is going online will translate into exponential sales. Its essential I clarify right here right now.

Expectations from Online Branding initiatives should not be too different to that from Offline Branding exercises with the exception of being able to measure and control faster than traditional media. At the same time, in today’s market scenario, either of them cannot individually fulfill your goals.

If you think otherwise, do let me know the reasons for the same, in the Comments below.

Online branding has evolved from when it was first conceptualized. Before, it was solely implemented with the use of some color schemes and the logo of the brand. Today, when competition is stiff, marketers have to find ways for their brands to stand out and promote brand recall. This is why it is now made with more artistic inputs and technological applications. Here are some facts that describe this method of branding with relevance to offline … Read More

via Brandular


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