Best Blogging Site – SEM unexploited

While on Google for “best blogging”, I found the the top most suggestion/hint to be “best blogging site”. And when clicked I found an entire list of Organic results, including WikiAnswers and Best Blog Website Awards. However, what shook me hard is the fact that not one blogging website or company has encashed on those keywords and placed their Google Adword Listing there :O .  And some smart bloggers are promoting their blogs.


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1. Blog Service Providers / Blog Ware websites not having noticed the potential is very unlikely.
2. The Keywords being exorbitantly expensive also seems not so true. What when individual bloggers could afford it.
3. The Search Marketing teams / agencies would not wait to encash such a wonderful opportunity.

Its yet to convince me, if such a possibility remains that no Blogging Website would like to invest in buying Keywords.

What are your thoughts on this? Kindly Comment below.


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