Aircel’s online brand blunder

While the world is talking about Airtel’s new logo, I checked up the competition to do a comparative study. And I came across Aircel‘s website having

Error 404–Not Found

At first I felt I reached a wrong website and then saw the URL had turned from to and was defaulting to that everytime. Thanks to the favicon of Aircel, I did recognize the website as that of Aircel – the Telecom Operator (observe on the Google Chrome browser tab header in the picture).

As a Brand Manager of Aircel, I would never tolerate my Web Presence being compromised. With most of my consumers being online today, my online identity’s importance is next to none. Pity I am not.

While Airtel is basking under the glory of a revised identity, though not too impressive, Aircel committed a grave mistake by carelessly letting their website sink.

Many many of my readers think, it was a blunder? May I hear you in the Comments?



  1. I use Aircel’s web portal to recharge my phone. i do not like to use other third party sites for recharge. Today when my balance is zeroed and i tried aircel’s website, to my horror, its down. its a shame that aircel website could not go up in quick time.


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