In response to “A(irtel) Rebranding mistake?*”

While my dear friend Grace has brilliantly articulated (graceful as her name suggests) her thoughts at “A Rebranding mistake?*”, what I love most is her research and observations. Yes Grace! I too observed the favicon and was going to suggest the same to Airtel on my blog.

And further more, I might have had something similar to pen down, if this happened, say, 6-7 years ago. I guess I have just grown to be another “Brand / Marketing” guy, with a tad more reluctance in accepting POVs as they are. A good way to put it is, I like reasoning out every thought, emotion and expression.

Now for my pitch:
I really liked that Airtel changed its look and feel from the Boring Retro Official-looking identity to a  Snazzy New Youthful design. However, as Grace and many others would agree, they could have been more creative.



Glad that Airtel changed its Logo post that and now it looks more appealing and sleek. However, I seem to like Vodaphone’s logo best. What about you?


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