The Yahoo Google handshake

Very recently when I was viewing some old photos on Flickr from KingfisherWorld, I wished to comment on it. And new to me was that Flickr had a Google Account login option. That made me think for a moment that Yahoo! realized that if it did not make good use of the huge Google user base, they would lose out on their prime bets.


”]flickr_google_integration_spotted_by_brandbullA little later the same day, when I googled for Flickr, and I cant recollect why, I saw Flickr had a inbuilt search within the Google results. And I was surprised to see a novel initiative. I concluded that was Google’s new invention.



”]Flickr search within Google search results spotted by Brandbull

Connecting the dots, I did understand that its a fantastic partnering, as Google not only connects to Yahoo’s Flickr, also it caches all of its public content. Content analysis and designing products around it being the prime focus of  Google, I was convinced that Google is the one that has the upper hand in this collaboration.

Am I right about the thought? Do you have a different opinion, reader? Let’s discuss the kudos and brickbats in the Comments.


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