Win Free Books – review

Right from Amazon to Flipkart online shopping for Books have been flourishing as more and more pen interesting stories. While being on Online shopping carts did give Authors that had less readers, a better reach and ease of selling even the seldom heard titles, marketing the titles was still the Author’s headache.

Here is a man in armor, in the form of  BookBuzzr and its customer facing game site fReado. They call it ” – World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site”. Quite like a Card Matching game, this one has Front Covers of Books and Novels which you have to find the pair of. Every game gives you points and every some points makes you eligible to get books. The books are dispatched around the world by Amazon.

This surely is a very innovative way to bring less known books right in the eyes of book lovers and players.

I felt if the game was more of a widget that could be placed in blogs and other websites, it would get more prominence and users. Another area I felt lacking is, the game does not have any Indian titles and is not focussed on the Indian Audience. With FREE being the attraction, I personally felt Indians would be more participative and pro-active.

What do you feel about the game and the concept? Do let me know in the Comments.



  1. Thank you for taking a look at
    I’m the founder of
    We’re working on adding India to the list of countries where we ship the prizes.
    However, even now, book lovers from India can play the game and win prizes that are available as e-books (digital downloads) …




    • The Pleasure is Mine, Vikram 🙂
      Thats a Great move. Will await the Indian rollout. Do let me know if I could help in anyway. 🙂

      To add, I guess the best step to popularize this ‘wonderfully simple way to earn Free Books’ would be a ‘Blog/Website Widget’ that can be placed by bloggers and could be on all subscribed authors’ websites/webpages. I am sure Freya should be able to help you with that.

      Thanks for the comment and kindly link back from and your blog 🙂
      Wish you Success!


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