Infusing some New Life

While its a while since we have updated our blog on EventXP, we thought it would be great to revive it soon to our readers interest.

As its all basically about events, there was one new event (should we call it) that excited us more than most else. This is Sanjukta’s journey the SWBT (Single Woman Budget Traveller) as mentioned on her blog, defined by her rules, which is not easy, as all of us opine.

What if she is not prepared for the ‘predators of the wild’ or the ‘wild human predators’ of whereever she goes?

What if she does not know to fight back the resistance around or within?

What if she does not get food, water or stay on this unplanned journey?

Might sound pessimestic at first, however let’s think rationally. Are these not probablities? Are these not something we have heard of or seen that bring us terror when the near and dear ladies of our life intend to travel alone?

Although, our humane conscience extends our arms to hold her back and resist that risk, a more blatant stream of curiosity overpowers the fears, and wants someone to take that leap, so that we can give a known example rather than superstitiously follow the hear-say.

And thats exactly what we are looking to capture. Let’s see if we are successful in doing justice to it.

If you have an approach you like us to attempt or cover some points yoou think are key, just write it on our comments and we will see the best way to accomodate it. Kindly bear in mind that, this is a remotely written blog, and might not have a first person experience.


One comment

  1. hey thanks a lot for writing about it. I wouldn’t be doing it, if not for these wonderful words of encouragement 🙂


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