image MobiKwik Payment Options page is not Safe

MobiKwik Payment Options page is not Safe

Sadly, to add to the fear of an Indian consumer of online transactions, the mobile recharge website though sleek, is unsafe. It does not have a SSL certificate in spite of asking for critical payment data like debit card details.

Do we really want to risk this?



  1. Sorry to say you are incorrect. When you submit your card details (debit card or credit card) on this page, the information is submitted to Zaakpay through an HTTPS link.

    Whether this page is HTTPS or not, has no bearing on the security of your card data.


  2. Thanks for the comment Bipin,
    However, the page in question is the page one enters vital data such as Card numbers, Expiry Dates and CVV numbers that need to be safe and secure. And as you can see the Green Lock next to a Secure page on Google Chrome (the most common browser I have used here).

    Post spotting this I have gone to and recharged and their Card Details page was a secure page. So was Flipkart’s where I ordered a gift two days back. Hence I am not taking any irrelevant references here to quote the above.

    Kindly let me know if you differ.


  3. Hi,

    You are right that if this page is https, it will improve the perception of the user in terms of security. We are working on doing this right now, should be done in a matter of days. Thanks for your feedback!


  4. Hi Bhavy,
    Does not seem so yet. As the first page of prompts us to enter the mobile number and my Chrome browser did not detect any https on that page. As I have not wished to proceed with entering my information on that page, I am unaware of the security on the internal pages.

    Bipin should be able to answer more specifically.


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