The New WordPress User Interface – novel or copied?



Although WordPress has all the ingredients to be the best blogging platform in the world, what I saw today, in my opinion, will help exponentially grow its fan base a lot more. What it had missed on heavily all these years is the simplicity and WOW that it can give to a blogger/ user right on the first page. However, is it just copying a trend?


Though I think WordPress has dubbed the Tumblr UI pretty much, seeing the home page icons, the realization has come at a time when Tumblr is gaining quite some attention.

Though the clear big fonts, the single color logos and the relief space it has given on the page, all resembles what Windows or Apple have gotten to, the design is certainly commendable. I, for a minute, thought, WordPress has been bought over by Microsoft, judging the interface to be following the Metro Design Philosophy, however just a tad subtly. 



Now just what bloggers look for – everything neatly segregated and right in the face. 
I should admit, I have really started linking this interface, 

Do you feel this interface is copied just to stay in trend? 



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