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Win Free Books – review

Right from Amazon to Flipkart online shopping for Books have been flourishing as more and more pen interesting stories. While being on Online shopping carts did give Authors that had less readers, a better reach and ease of selling even the seldom heard titles, marketing the titles was still the Author’s headache.

Here is a man in armor, in the form of  BookBuzzr and its customer facing game site fReado. They call it ” – World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site”. Quite like a Card Matching game, this one has Front Covers of Books and Novels which you have to find the pair of. Every game gives you points and every some points makes you eligible to get books. The books are dispatched around the world by Amazon.

This surely is a very innovative way to bring less known books right in the eyes of book lovers and players.

I felt if the game was more of a widget that could be placed in blogs and other websites, it would get more prominence and users. Another area I felt lacking is, the game does not have any Indian titles and is not focussed on the Indian Audience. With FREE being the attraction, I personally felt Indians would be more participative and pro-active.

What do you feel about the game and the concept? Do let me know in the Comments.

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The Death of the Desktop

This article was intended to be written about 2 years ago. However, it would then have been a foolish post thanks to lack of proof. So here it comes.

By now everyone would have noticed that the Desktop Computer in Personal Computing usage is slowly coming to an end. No more loose cables hanging under/behind the table; no more “Oh! Power snapped” excuses and no more “I left it back home” exempts. In less than a couple of years, there would be only two computing devices – ‘Wall Mounts’ and ‘Hand Helds’. And yes, I mean it.

Content will be in the Cloud, the OSes will be on your Displays and Palm Tops. The computer will be a huge thin display hung on the wall with just the input devices connecting to it wirelessly. The computer would be your Phone with your contacts and messages up in your server that can be downloaded onto any device you may connect to the Network with. The world would seemlessly integrate sans all the boundaries of dependability on numerous factors. And this is not an ideal future; its the tomorrow you are seeing outside your windows.

Do you need proof. Here it comes.

3G came into India and turned phones into Video Calling devices. The most used International calling software Skype is available on iPhone OS, for the Blackberry and even on the Android platform. Android is available for Handhelds be it Phones or Gaming Devices. Soon its going to be available for TVs too. Softwares and platforms are “on the cloud” today. Phone Contacts to Emails (thanks to Google) and now even TV shows and Movies (thanks to iTunes, Qriocity and Media Hub).  And all this just on Free Open Source platform. If and when the competition strikes havoc, imagine the world of options we would have.

While I would buy the fact that in Industrial applications and High End Media services, Desktops might still last a few more years, I would guess most of you would agree with my point of view on the future of Personal Computing.
If you think different, why dont we debate the same in the Comments down below?


Best Blogging Site – SEM unexploited

While on Google for “best blogging”, I found the the top most suggestion/hint to be “best blogging site”. And when clicked I found an entire list of Organic results, including WikiAnswers and Best Blog Website Awards. However, what shook me hard is the fact that not one blogging website or company has encashed on those keywords and placed their Google Adword Listing there :O .  And some smart bloggers are promoting their blogs.


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1. Blog Service Providers / Blog Ware websites not having noticed the potential is very unlikely.
2. The Keywords being exorbitantly expensive also seems not so true. What when individual bloggers could afford it.
3. The Search Marketing teams / agencies would not wait to encash such a wonderful opportunity.

Its yet to convince me, if such a possibility remains that no Blogging Website would like to invest in buying Keywords.

What are your thoughts on this? Kindly Comment below.


Illogical Plans

illogical plans
Illogical Plans spotted by Brandbull

While offerings could be customized to the needs of the end user, it negatively affects the brand value of the offering when plans are confusingly illogical. One such is the example quoted above.

For Rs. 399 a month, the Nano and the High End Nano plans seem redundant when compared to the Unlimited and Special Offer plans for the same price. I am sure the Sales process formula is not something these guys worked on intelligently.

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Reblog: Relevance of Online Branding to Offline Branding (via Brandular)

The expectations from Online Branding by companies big or small is higher than that of Offline Branding. And the reason seems the flaw in positioning Offline Branding itself. While the end result of any expensive exercise is either to reach the brand out to more number of people or convert more people from “Interested” to “Buying”, the misconception is going online will translate into exponential sales. Its essential I clarify right here right now.

Expectations from Online Branding initiatives should not be too different to that from Offline Branding exercises with the exception of being able to measure and control faster than traditional media. At the same time, in today’s market scenario, either of them cannot individually fulfill your goals.

If you think otherwise, do let me know the reasons for the same, in the Comments below.

Online branding has evolved from when it was first conceptualized. Before, it was solely implemented with the use of some color schemes and the logo of the brand. Today, when competition is stiff, marketers have to find ways for their brands to stand out and promote brand recall. This is why it is now made with more artistic inputs and technological applications. Here are some facts that describe this method of branding with relevance to offline … Read More

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Reblog: The Elements of Branding

While most of us find innovative ways of positioning Branding, its essential to learn the widely used terminologies in the domain, so that positioning your pitch for both your team’s and client’s understanding is clear and well-segmented.

He is a wonderful table of branding elements developed by Kolbrener, a branding firm in New York. A handy tool to quickly segment your Brand Plan into the relevant sections for easy comprehension.

Do let me know of any other you find in the Comments.

The Elements of Branding. As a great exercise to illustrate the that branding is more than a logo, Kolbrener, a branding firm in New York develop this branding elements chart. It is base on the periodic table of elements. Each element as a brief explanation on how they are part of the Branding process. It is a very illustrative way to understand Branding and its many components. Visit Table Here … Read More

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