Who is Raj?

All the box offices have a few hits and a few misses. And behind it all are a humongous number of artists and workmanship. Sometime streamlined and sometimes all over the place. Whatever it be, all of it has creativity to some degree or the other. Yet there are thousands of these movies that never make it to the screens. There are ten times more artists who, however good, struggle and lose hope, waiting for someone to show the light at the end of the tunnel. Can we do it?  If you think the answer is a loud “YES” with a Big Smile on your face, then read on.  Cos, Raj is your motivator.

While your enthusiasm is live and smiling, I would love to alert you, it ‘ain’t gonna be a cakewalk’. How do I know that? Thanks to Rubia and Kranthi of Metro Brava Films, who made “The Successor – Private & Confidential”, a MOCUMENTRY, as they call it. Or is it a Movement?

Using the opportunity Digital Technology has for everyone, they believe its as easy for anyone to pick up a camera, film something, edit it, create animations, visual effects, mix sound and market it instantly. And all this for a very low cost or nothing at all. And they did just that. From Hoardings all over the city to easy and economical marketing ways to even tying up with Inox, all this in just about 5 lakhs.

All started with the question “Who is Raj?”  And guess what, right from the star cricketer Sreesanth to our own fashion guru Prasad Bidappa, all seem to know Raj. And when I stepped in a bit late to the PR launch of the film to find out who Raj was, every seat said “Raj was here”. Damn, did I miss him?

hootsuite.com is jinxed

At 2:18am on 10 October 2010, I type hootsuite.com on the browser and I get:

hootsuite.com jinxed - screenshot by brandbull
hootsuite.com jinxed

Now the next obvious is to ask Google if I was wrong. And the response to that is:

hootsuite.com google search results spotted by brandbull
hootsuite.com Search Results

What does an average user of Hootsuite understand by this? Has Hootsuite shutdown its services? Is the website / link down? Is it Google Chrome’s cache acting up?

However small you may think is the issue, it might just give raise to uncomfortable PR.
Should a Brand be negligent of such a possibility? Or should the audience be more forgiving?
Lets see your thoughts on the comments.