#BFT at 3Storeys Bangalore

This #BFT (Bangalore Friday Tweetup) we had at 3 Storeys the sea food joint off Lavelle Road, was quite an attendance. With @angeldirect (Tina) not there for it, @dhempe (Hrish) and @brandbull (ShyamS) organized it with close to 15 people attending it. @swarathma was represented by Jishnu, who shared a lot of insights into the band, its history and some funny moments. Comments and questions poured in from every corner with @murlidharbhat (Murlidhar) discussing his stint at Social Media, @dhempe (Hrish) discussing his adventures on Twitter, @faiqg (Faiq) adding some smiles and @therealnaren (Naren), @Pratsie (Prathiba), @twahul (Rahul), @sidh256 (Siddharth), @brandbull (ShyamS), @flyfiddlesticks (Prasanna) and a few others (Forgot their Twitter IDs) adding their bits to make it an interesting forum. We also saw Jishnu wishing to do a Fan-driven @swarathma event. Any ideas fans?
The food was not that great with most of us not liking the excessive coconut in them. Of the non-veggies and fish, there were a few who relished it and few who did not have comments. On the whole the experience was fun-filled, full of interesting conversations, however, lacking in finger-licking food.
Post this a few of us went to have IceCream at Lakeside IceCream Parlor and savored a few different delicacies. ūüôā

Published on 25 Jan 2010, 22:40hrs

Reblog: Relevance of Online Branding to Offline Branding (via Brandular)

The expectations from Online Branding by companies big or small is higher than that of Offline Branding. And the reason seems the flaw in positioning Offline Branding itself. While the end result of any expensive exercise is either to reach the brand out to more number of people or convert more people from “Interested” to “Buying”, the misconception is going online will translate into exponential sales. Its essential I clarify right here right now.

Expectations from Online Branding initiatives should not be too different to that from Offline Branding exercises with the exception of being able to measure and control faster than traditional media. At the same time, in today’s market scenario, either of them cannot individually fulfill your goals.

If you think otherwise, do let me know the reasons for the same, in the Comments below.

Online branding has evolved from when it was first conceptualized. Before, it was solely implemented with the use of some color schemes and the logo of the brand. Today, when competition is stiff, marketers have to find ways for their brands to stand out and promote brand recall. This is why it is now made with more artistic inputs and technological applications. Here are some facts that describe this method of branding with relevance to offline … Read More

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Reblog: The Elements of Branding

While most of us find innovative ways of positioning Branding, its essential to learn the widely used terminologies in the domain, so that positioning your pitch for both your team’s and client’s understanding is clear and well-segmented.

He is a wonderful table of branding elements developed by Kolbrener, a branding firm in New York. A handy tool to quickly segment your Brand Plan into the relevant sections for easy comprehension.

Do let me know of any other you find in the Comments.

The Elements of Branding. As a great exercise to illustrate the that branding is more than a logo, Kolbrener, a branding firm in New York develop this branding elements chart. It is base on the periodic table of elements. Each element as a brief explanation on how they are part of the Branding process. It is a very illustrative way to understand Branding and its many components. Visit Table Here … Read More

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Capitalizing on Typos

While most businesses are striving away and spending sums of money on getting people to come to their website once, there are an intelligent few who capitalize on our typing errors.

It all started when I missed the second “s” in WordPress.com. I suddenly find myself seeing a Sexual Dating website and it was absolutely unintentional. Yes, “wordpres.com” leads you to “fatebook.com” an adult dating website.


Wordpres.com leads to Sexual Match making website
Wordpres.com leads to Sexual Match making website [ Website Screenshort: fatebook.com ]

While Yahoo was smart to redirect “Yaho.com” to Yahoo.com and Google has covered its base registering “Gogle.com” and “Gooogle.com”, Gamil Design, Inc.¬†encashed on the traffic thanks to typos by people wanting to reach Gmail.com (created 1995), by registering “Gamil.com” way back in 1998.


”]Gamil cashes on the traffic coming from GMail typos spotted by BrandBull

I checked if “ggle.com” also lead to the Google Search home page, and smiled on seeing a charitable interest is providing information about how to achieve wellness through good nutrition, i.e. healthy eating. Seems like another of the HerbalLifes, Kellogs and Horlicks of the world, marketing their Food¬†Supplements in the guise of healthier food. Cant help not believing these efforts as stealth promotions, thanks to overuse of such tactics by even the big brands.

”]ggle.com is used for promoting the "charitable" cause of heath and nutrition - spotted by brandbull

Have you noticed other such websites banking on getting traffic from typing errors? Do let me on in the Comments.


How important is ideation?

While there are quite a few platforms to share and trash out new venture ideas with like minded people or seasoned mentors, there are very few ideas that transform into Ventures.

Most enthusiastic wannabe entrepreneurs think a Big New Idea will change their lives and make them the Ace Businessmen they always wanted to be. Its good to be optimistic, however, if all that was ever needed was just a brilliant thought, there would be more rich men than rodents.

Ideation does involve thinking about new ideas, agreed, however it does not stop at that. The ideation phase starts at identifying a need, and moves onto thinking of inaccessible solutions, ways of achieving the same, working out the stages of implementation, chalking out the phases of development, enlisting the logistical requirements, planning the go-to-market strategies and define all thinkable revenue models. Post this comes sharing the thoughts with close friends and striking off or considering the most logically viable options.

While there is nothing bad in being optimistic about his idea’s success, the owner of the idea should also be prepared to scrap the idea and start from the scratch if and when seen less viable.

Where ideation is an integral part of innovation, it does not stop at just that.

Do leave a Comment and share your thoughts on ideation and its importance to you.

Are Discounted prices a trend?

While a few years back we would associate bargains with cheap products, today we are spoilt for choice thanks to even big brands offering rebates on their wares.

When considered the best buys today we not only find the new comers, the established brands also are giving away their products for less.

The reasons the businesses quote are:
1. Cheap competitors have reduced its market worth;
2. Thanks to more vendors, the cost of making the product has come down;
3. Their focus has shifted from niche to mass, thus a price slash was essential,
4. They had to sell away old stocks so that they can make way for new ones.

Come what may there are a few facts, that I see when sieving out the excuses.
1. Their wares were too optimistically priced,
2. The are getting rid of the goods before they go out of fashion or loose their utility value,
3. Their goods are fast reaching expiry dates,
4. They are not able to stand against their competition in the price war,
5. The product was never worth its price,
6. Their products are no more niche.

The reason for price fall, depends not only on the market behaviour, it also relates to how innovatively and well-planned the market lifecycle of the product is. And most fall short right there.

If you have a different opinion, why not we discuss that in the Comments below.

WordPress on BlackBerry reviewed

While its easy to write big posts on my laptop, posting it through my BlackBerry Pearl has its own thrill. I can use it while travelling and not be bothered about time.

WordPress for BlackBerry allows me to post while travelling.So Cool!

A simplified interface and buttons to include Ordered and Unordered lists; the usual Bold, Italics and Underlined and s way to include Media and Links, makes it so perfectly mobile.

If I expect more from WordPress for BlackBerry on a mobile interface, I might just have to bear a rather sluggish software.
Overall a Good Experience. If you differ, do write to me in the Comments and I would love to discuss the same.

Great Collaboration! (SnapDeal.com and Grabbon.com join hands)

SnapDeal.com and Grabbon.com come together (posted by BrandBull)
SnapDeal.com and Grabbon.com join hands (posted by BrandBull)

I like it when people understand the power of collaboration. And this one is between two leading group buying sites in India. While I evangelize collaboration in all aspects and phases of businesses, I feel the only reason we lag behind or think a hundred times, is because we are too greedy to share success with anyone. When its about money or fame, belief or the lack of it, is what taunts all.

I believe, if we do not trust and shake hands today, the chances of losing  the competition tomorrow, with lot more entrants, are higher, especially when its merely a price war.

I so wish this partnership turns so amazing for both.¬†Wish you Success Snapdeal.com and Grabbon.com. May your friendship prosper and help you succeed in winning people’s smiles, together.

Innovative Analytics by Cleartrip.com

Analytics have become so important today for website. And one of the most widely used is the Google Analytics for websites. However, this is more a business facing fact report of sorts.

Turn this upside down and what you get is innovation to the end-consumer. And this is what Cleartrip.com has done with the introduction of its graphs.

Cleartrip Graphs (colors inverted) by BrandBull

Note: I have inverted the colors to make it snazzier ūüôā

Cleartrip shows the Flights that ply to the destination, their cost forecast for the month and even the comparison between the airlines based on price for every day of the month. Long gaps if any show unavailability of flights on those days.

Overall, a great tool to plan in advance. Sadly, its available for domestic flights only, as yet.